Our Mission: "To provide a healthy meal a day to a school age child."

Our Motto: “If you can make it to school, you will be fed”

Welcome to Lunch for Kids Africa, Inc. We are pleased to introduce an epic program of pure humanitarian act. Many nations as well as individuals reach out to third world nations with the intention of making life better for the less privileged of this part of the world. Many have done so in areas of science, education, Christianity, medicine and education. Africa is a nation that has and will continue to benefit from charitable deeds in every way possible.

It is in line with this that Lunch For Kids Africa, Inc. was founded. LFKAI is a nonprofit organization that provides lunch daily to children in public elementary schools. The goal of the foundation is to provide a healthy meal to a child daily one school at a time.

Parents no longer worry about what their children will eat while at school. Lunch For Kids Africa Inc. also provides job opportunities for all who are involved in the supply of the food daily.

We welcome all who are interested in helping to promote this great cause in deed or in kind.  It is indeed an exciting season for us here at Lunch For Kids Africa Inc.

God bless you!